The Birmingham Children's Community Venture (BCCV) wishes to thank the Trusts and Charities who have supported us in the current project of re-building our Hostel. Without their support BCCV would not find itself in the position they are in today with a new building and pupils using it.

Our thanks to:-

The Roughley Trust

Baron Davenport Trust

Lord Austin Trust

The Garfield Weston

The Michael March Charitable Trust

Saintbury Trust

William Cadbury Charitable Trust

Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust

Cash for Kids

The Henry James Sayer Charity

The Joseph Hopkins Charity

The James Fredrick & Ethel Anne Measures Charity

Birmingham Lord Mayor’s Fund

The George Henry Collins Trust

Eveson Charitable Trust

The Bernard Piggott Trust

The Leadbeater Charitable Trust

The Rowlands Charitable Trust